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Mute Group Track - Custom OP-Z App Videopak

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The mute group track videopak lets you play and record mute group changes on the motion track. Play the black keys 1-0 that correspond to your mute groups. That’s it. Get creative. 

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This is a custom videopak for the groundbreaking OP-Z audio / visual synthesizer by Teenage Engineering. 

*Does not install on OP-Z. This only enables functionality when OP-Z is connected to the OP-Z app on a mobile device or mac and selected as the current videopak.

Version Info:
mgt 1.01 – Works on iPhones, iPads, Mac & Some Android devices. UI is very small on some Android devices and either small or stretched in Mac app, but it works.

(iOS OP-Z App 1.2.8)
(MacOS OP-Z App 1.2.5)
(Android Confirmed Running: Samsung Galaxy S10, Android 10, One UI 2.0)

I'd love to know how the UI looks on your device and keep optimizing it, so let me know if it doesn't look optimized for your device screen.

As with all of our videopaks, feel free to let us know how you like it or reach out if something isn't working properly. Also, let us know if you have ideas to improve something. Email us at